HT40 Popping, Humming, Volume Drop

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HT40 Popping, Humming, Volume Drop Empty HT40 Popping, Humming, Volume Drop

Post by Stringdriver on Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:51 pm

Hi all.

I have an HT-40 that I purchased new under a year ago and it's giving me fits.

It hums and crackles like it's portraying ghosting sounds from something "dirty" in the overall A/C circuit in my home.

To troubleshoot, I thought my Tubescreamer was having issues because it seemed that a cable or internal element was to blame... I arrived at that diagnosis when, (now what seems to be other-worldly timing) I moved a cable on a pedal as the noise was being generated...and the noise went away.

So, off to get George L's for my pedal board and via real trouble shooting with just the guitar straight in the front, it happened again. Switched cables and tried a different guitar...eventually, the same issue surfaces.

Someone said "tubes" but I read on this forum that someone with an HT-60 found, after 4 trips to the shop, that the tech discovered a bad capacitor or other component on one of the boards.

Any recommendations? Anyone else had this humming? (which can happen while playing or while not playing).

There's only one shop in town that works on these, and it's still under warranty (except, of course, the tubes)...and there's another shop that ROUTINELY replaces the factory output transformer with a beefier unit.

I only play this at home, but I like what I like and the HT delivers the tone that makes my brain swim. (Can I get an AMEN???)

Any information much appreciated.



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