Simple Quick Fix For Rasp

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Simple Quick Fix For Rasp

Post by 10ThumbZ on Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:51 am

I know I'm being a bit chatty for a n00b. Please accept my apologies in advance. Thought I'd toss this out there for those who experienced this.

After spending my first day with the amp I was a bit frustrated. Every guitar I put into the OD1 and OD2 channels sounded throaty. Or as others called it, raspy. I could not get past it no matter how much I tweaked the amp. Not even an EQ pedal would remove it. The amp was NOT the problem. Though it certainly seemed so then.

After playing around with my pickup height, I had to lower all of them as low or nearly as low as they could possibly go. I mean bury most of them to the hilt. As an aside, I typically use Super Dist in the bridge, Chopper, Evo or Jazz in the neck. All are pretty hot. Once I planted them... no more rasp... instant BLISS!

I consider this a plus. I like my pickups as low as possible. Last few amps I set my pickup height for required me to raise each medium low. No more. They're all buried and still plenty hot for this amp. Plus the rasp is completely GONE! cheers Those that use low(er) output pickups should be just fine with this amp too.

Major Thread Digression............. There is a Marshall TSL 100 watt head sitting on a Mesa custom shop cab directly across from my rig. It's not mine but I guarantee ya there is going to be some A/B going on tomorrow. Maybe even a contest to see which can best move the furniture across the room without sounding like a mud slide or ice pick to the forehead. Orrrrrrr, maybe I'll just keep it reasonable and find out which is the best paint peeler. In situations like that no one really wins or looses. It's all about the fun factor. Except for my neighbor. He is prolly gonna hate me by tomorrow evening. A shame really. He's such a nice guy. Twisted Evil


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