Blackstar HT-Delay

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Blackstar HT-Delay

Post by MusashiChan on Mon Jun 07, 2010 2:43 pm

With eight different delays in one pedal the HT-DELAY can take you from vintage and multihead tape head delays, through to classic analogue and linear full bandwidth effects and two loop modes as well. You can then add in real valve compression and harmonics using
the unique Saturation control.
• 8 delay effects
• Genuine valve design
• Operates at 300V HT
• Unique Saturation control
• Tap and two Loop modes
• Stereo
• Unique switching operation
• High integrity buffered bypass
• Power supply included
• Silent switching


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Blackstar HT Delay will not power up

Post by Throb on Sat Apr 04, 2015 12:22 pm

I love my HT-Delay. Got it in spring of 2013. It is plugged in through a split send and the output is summed with other mono input/stereo out output rack effects throught the main outputs of an analog passive mixer to the A/B returns inside the serial FX loop of a Mesa Boogie TriAxis preamp.

2 nights ago it  performed as it always has.

Last night I powered my rig up and the HT Delay power on LED was off, a pulsing light, not affected by the "Time" setting, flashed through the 12ax7 view window, but the 12ax7 was not glowing (it seemed to be at the base of the 12ax7). Is that an indication the tube has burned/leaked out or is it something else, like a switch or transformer failure?

What is the printed warranty period for the HT Delay?

(Need to add that I used a power supply from another HT Delay, and got the same result).

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