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Blackstar HT-Boost Empty Blackstar HT-Boost

Post by MusashiChan on Mon Jun 07, 2010 2:16 pm

The HT-BOOST’s high voltage gain circuit is like adding two extra hot valve stages to your amp so, unlike with inferior battery powered products, you don’t lose any precious dynamics or tone. Add to this an all-valve cut and boost tone section and a high level output which is specially designed to drive your valve amp hard and it all adds up to the ultimate boost pedal available.

• Genuine valve design
• Operates at 300V HT
• Cascaded valve gain stages
• Hotrod your valve amp
• Silent switching operation
• All-valve tone control circuit
• Pedals or ‘hot’ valve amplifier outputs
• High integrity buffered bypass
• Power supply included
• Silent switching

Blackstar HT-Boost Htboos10
Blackstar HT-Boost Htboos11


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